Cesar Franco

Cesar Franco

About an artist:

My journey as a tattoo artist began at the early age of 14 when I experienced my first tattoo, captivated by the fusion of art and personal expression. Born on May 14, 1997, in Bogotá, Colombia, my determination led me to move to Canada at the age of 17 in search of new opportunities. Initially delving into university studies in Art Fundamentals and Interior Design, my true passion found its home in the art of tattooing.

After facing family challenges, I decided to immerse myself in the tattoo industry. I started my own tattoo journey, tattooing family and friends, which quickly caught the attention of a small tattoo studio. At the age of 18, I received an offer from FYInk in Toronto, where I honed my skills for two inspiring years.

Currently, I take pride in running my own tattoo studio, a testament to my dedication and passion.

My focus lies in realism, an artistic expression that resonates deeply with me. Throughout my journey, I have had the honor of being invited as a guest artist to prominent studios across Canada, such as Olyangertattoo in Montreal and Avalon tattoo collective in Vancouver.

Interview with Cesar Franco:

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