Csaba Sipos

Csaba Sipos

My name is Csaba Sipos and I am known on instagram as @CsabaJoe. Originally from Hungary, Tattooing has been my passion for 27 years and still going strong. Since I was 15 years old I just knew in my gut that I wanted to be a tattoo artist and it’s been a long journey to get where I am creatively today. I inherited my love for art from my father who was a painter ahead of his time and always encouraged me to experiment with different art forms as a child.

While eager to learn tattooing in my youth, there were no computers, no printers and no internet and tattooing was very much considered a taboo artform in my country. Each day, I couldn’t wait to finish school because after school, I spent as much time working in the local tattoo studio as I could, to work towards achieving my dreams.

My artwork is heavily inspired by trash polka tattoos, and (as if you hadn’t noticed) my dramatic style consists of mainly black and red ink. I really enjoy the contrast of negative space in my designs and love that while my tattoos may look random, they are balanced in a space where chaos meets reality making each and every piece as unique as possible.

I’ve been tattooing in Toronto for the past 16 years and I love the multicultural aspect of the city. Toronto is a beautiful and clean city to live in with a great appreciation for the arts. When I’m not in the studio, I enjoy anything design oriented and DIY. I love to take on projects as creative outlets to try and experiment with different art techniques.

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