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Matrix Tattoo Supply

Matrix Genesis Round Shader Cartridges

Matrix Genesis Round Shader Cartridges

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Presenting the Matrix Genesis Round Shader Tattoo Cartridges – where artistry meets precision in a package designed for the discerning tattoo professional.

Each box contains a generous 20 cartridges, each fortified with an enhanced safety membrane that ensures the highest standards of cleanliness and ink integrity, guarding against any cross-contamination.

When it comes to the needles, these cartridges are equipped with needles that have been sharpened to surgical precision. They are your tool of choice for achieving those masterful round shading, round packing, and those bold, thick lines. These cartridges deliver the precision required for even your most intricate designs.

Say goodbye to the frustration of shaky hands affecting your work. The Matrix Genesis Round Shader Cartridges are engineered for stability, allowing you to maintain laser-sharp focus on your artistry.

Clogs are a non-issue here. These cartridges are designed to ensure a consistent and uninterrupted ink flow, making certain that your work proceeds smoothly and without interruption.

Endurance and stability are paramount attributes in the arsenal of any professional artist, and these cartridges deliver on both fronts. They have been built to endure the demands of your craft, providing you with the reliability and consistency you require.

Incorporate the Matrix Genesis Round Shader Tattoo Cartridges into your professional toolkit, and elevate your tattoo artistry to new levels of precision and excellence. Your clients deserve nothing less, and your reputation as a master of the craft will only be further solidified.


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