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Matrix Tattoo Supply

Matrix Genesis Sample Box

Matrix Genesis Sample Box

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Introducing the Matrix Genesis Sample Box Tattoo Cartridges, a treasure trove of tattooing precision and versatility designed to meet the high standards of professional tattoo artists.

Within this carefully curated box, you'll find a total of 10 cartridges, with 2 samples of each size, encompassing super fine line needles, fine line needles, thick old school needles, round shaders, and soft edge magnum needles. These cartridges are your gateway to exploring a wide spectrum of tattooing techniques and unleashing your creative potential.

Each cartridge in the Matrix Genesis Sample Box is fortified with an enhanced safety membrane, setting a gold standard for ink hygiene, allowing you to work in a consistently sterile environment. Your clients' health and safety are your top priorities, and these cartridges are a testament to your dedication to professionalism.

The needles in each cartridge are precision-engineered to be sharper than a tattoo artist's keenest instincts. Whether you're crafting the finest lines or indulging in bold, expressive strokes, these cartridges will be your steadfast companions in achieving impeccable results.

Let's address the age-old issue of shaky hands; rest assured, these cartridges are engineered to deliver unwavering stability, allowing you to focus your energy on your artistic vision.

Clogs are a thing of the past with the Matrix Genesis Sample Box. The cartridges have been meticulously designed to maintain a seamless ink flow, ensuring that your work proceeds uninterrupted.

Furthermore, these cartridges offer an increased ink reservoir capacity. This additional ink-holding feature translates to less time spent refilling and more time dedicated to creating breathtaking tattoo art.

Incorporate the Matrix Genesis Sample Box Tattoo Cartridges into your professional toolkit, and you're not just embracing versatility – you're making a statement about your commitment to excellence. Your reputation as a master tattoo artist will undoubtedly be further solidified in the eyes of your clients and peers.

Contains 2 pcs of 0603RLLT,1005RLLT, 1209RLLT, 1209RSLT, 1009SEMLT


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